The Types of Barcode Scanners and Their Roles in the Lives of Humanity Barcodes are very useful to almost all of the industries and organizations no matter how large they are. Though barcodes look like simple strips and spaces with black and write print, these barcodes are very essential to product information. Barcodes are decoded by the use of scanners. The photosensors of these barcode scanners are the ones responsible for the conversion of the barcodes into readable message in as fast as a few milliseconds. Barcode scanners are one of the most popularly used tools nowadays. They are used by different industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, education and field service which in return resulted to a variation of this barcode scanner.
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Different varieties
The Beginner’s Guide to Barcodes
The form factor and scanning technologies are the ones to distinguish a barcode scanner from the other varieties. The amount of operator manipulation is required when you want to know the difference in form factors. Among the three scanning technology – handheld scanner, wand or pen-style scanner and fixed-mount scanners, handheld vary most. There are also laser scanners, CCD or linear imagers, 2D scanner or area imagers and omnidirectional that are chosen based on the application and requirements. Wand Barcode Scanners To use this scanner, you need to swipe it over the barcode with consistency of speed and an angle. Because of this, they are being considered as the least efficient but the least expensive scanner, too, that is small and very durable. Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanners This type of scanner can read the barcodes once they pass in front of its scanner. You can use this type of scanner in work-in-progress and high-speed sorting. Small models are most utilized in kiosk application, security identification and laboratory. Most of these fixed-mount scanners have laser scan engine and they are integrated with automation system or other equipment. Linear Imager Barcode Scanners This is popularly known as CCD, CCD LR and full array imagers. Although this is the most durable scanner you still need to distance the item in two feet so that the scanner can read it. Laser Barcode Scanners If you need precision in scanning, this is the one you are looking for and at the same the most popular one. Omnidirectional Barcode Scanners This is the kind of scanner that is being used in retail stores or any over-the-counter payment. 2D Barcode Scanners In order for a 1D, 2D and linear barcodes to be captured, you will need this type of scanner. This is the type of scanner that is already prepared for future use and investment. In order to read the barcodes, camera technology and software are used for this kind of scanner.

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