How to Choose the Right Boat Fender

The amount of boat accessories on the market may be intimidating to a boat owner. While some accessories are for looks alone, others have a more functional purpose. As far as accessories with a function go, a boat fender should be on the top of your list. For protection against docks of various composition and other boats in general, a boat fender is the perfect investment. That said, it is not as easy as choosing the first fender that you see. Below we will go over some simple information to help you pick out a fender for your boat.

First, you will want to decide which size of fender you will want. The size of your boat needs to be taken into account, as you need to get a fender that accounts for its size. For every 4′-5′ of boat length, you should get 1″ of diameter for cylindrical fenders and 2″ for those that are spherical. Even so, the size of one’s boat is not all that should be taken into account. Weather and other constant outside forces must also be factored in. Generally speaking, one wants a fender that is larger, since it will have more overall coverage.

Now you must decide whether you are going to hang your boat fenders vertically, or horizontally. A flat fender will only have the ability to wrap vertically around the boat. They are also more suited to smaller boats. Center rope tube fenders will allow for either horizontal or vertical alignment. As this fender is often used for larger boats, it has ropes to keep it in place. The preferable alignment is contingent on what you often use your boat for.

Now, you must come to a conclusion concerning how you feel about the aesthetic of the fender. It may be more costly to get a fender of a matching color or style to your boat. Another option is to get a cover for your fender that matches your boat. Additionally this will help to keep your boat more clean overall. You may also wish to invest in fender racks and cleaning supplies when getting the cover. With the added bonus of these tools, you can have multiple fenders at the ready and keep them all properly clean.

It can be a little confusing when you first try to purchase a boat fender. The modes and styles of boat fenders can vary greatly from one to the next. The fact that you need one, however, is not debatable. The safety of your vessel depends heavily on your fender. Thought you may not have needed one in times past, you would be better off getting one now to minimize the chance of damage in the future. As long as you get the proper size and all the necessary accessories, you will be fine.

Getting To The Point – Repairs

Getting To The Point – Repairs

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